Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Today is a day that we all  honor our mother's.  The mother's who birthed us or the mother's who have come into our lives or the father's who became our mother's out of necessity.  It is a day we honor those in our lives who have mothered us for all of our lives or for a brief moment in time. 

Becoming a mother and motherhood is by far the most defining moment in a woman's life.  It is without question the hardest job of all.  And further, the most important job in the entire world.  It is through our mother's that we learn how to love, to make a wonderful baked chicken, to sew a button, to show kindess to our nieghbors, to love our husband's and to learn how to mother our children. 

Motherhood is tough and dirty.  But the rewards are grand!

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