Sunday, November 27, 2011

Religion or Heritage

Religion, noun, is defined as, by Merriam-Webster(2nd definition):

a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices.

Heritage, also a noun, is defined as, by Merriam-Webster(2nd definition):

a) something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor:  Legacy, Inheritance
b) Tradition

My faith is more important to me that it is to my  husband as a result we decided that we would raise them Christian.   I have found many websites for interfaith families and they all seem to be predominatly Jewish with Christianity in the back ground.  Our family is the opposite.

I want my children to understand that they are Jewish and they are Christian.

Because they are learning about God/Jesus at church and what I am teaching them they have certain attitudes, beliefs, and practices in allignment with my beliefs.

Because they are being taught certain traditions by either myself or their other familiy members.

Should their come a day when one of my children wants to embrace Judiasm as a religion, I will have hopefully provided them with, perhaps a small foundation. 

It is an age old problem amongst interfaith families - Typically the dilution of one, both religions, however, by identifying hertiage and religion provides me with a frame work with which to raise these children, without negating their Jewish heritage.  

For that is part of who they are.

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