Sunday, January 15, 2012


I am not cut out to stay home, at all.  I just can't handle all the minutia.  But recently I switched jobs to one where I work 100% from home.  Being able to better manage things like, meals, homework and my own exercise regime makes for a better balance for the entire family.  We still have our babysitter, as I am working from home.  But it is a slow ramp up period so I am taking full advantage of the time.  The house is better organized and Jer built me a wonderful new desk. 

We are collecting things to sell at our yard sale and I have listed some items on Craig's List.  But before all of this wonderful change we had some pretty wonderful holidays!

Kicking off the season was a trip to the Nutcracker with a favorite Auntie!


Followed by the Christmas Pageant staring 4 of our kids!  Three kings and Eliot as Baby Jesus, who I don't have any pictures of as he slept the whole time.

It was precious and we were honored!  We further got into the spirit with the last of consecutive Kindergarten Holiday Concerts for a while.  Ollie was fantastic!

It was wonderful and he was so proud!  We followed up the concert with a Hanukkah party!  Lots of gelt, potato latkes and good friends.

And then it was Christmas Eve!
We went off to church in all of our finery, then home to have chinese food.  We set out treats for Santa and his reindeer and were all snuggled in our beds.  We listened to the big kids chatter with excitment via the baby monitor.  It was precious listening to them.  I, selfishly, look forward to the day when they no longer blieve in Santa.  But listening to them carry on about how long they could stay awake hear Santa arrive.  And even more exciting was the thought that perhaps they would see Rudolph!  "His nose will be so bright and RED!"  Darling, just darling.
I, like most mother's, worry that what I have purchased will not be enough or loved by the recipients.  But every Christmas morning, my heart swells with Christmas Spirit as they squeal with delight!  They loved everything and were pleased with the gifts they gave to each other.

We ended our holiday season with our family in Maine for a belated Hanukkah party celebrated on New Year's Eve.

So far 2012 is teeing up to be a fantastic year!

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