Monday, November 17, 2008

Can you tell the difference?

I have fostered a love of a blankey in all of my children. At one point Oldest had regular blankey, purple blankey, regular lamby and little lamby. We are not afraid of loving our comfort items. When Baby was born dear family sent us the most luxurious blankets. He took to them right away. He continues to love his blankey and is far more dependent on his than either of the others ever were. We switched them out every now and then when he was a baby so we would not encounter any issues when one needed to be laundered. However, as he has grown and I went back to work, that has fallen by the way side.

This past week the kids found the blanket behind the big chair. Oldest gave it to him and at first he nuzzled and within seconds he discarded the item with horror. This was not his blankey.

The blanket on the left is his. The one on the right is the impostor. You can see the grungy corner on his blanket. Which is how he identified the impostor was in fact an impostor. He is very tactile and likes the feeling of the dried blankey after he has sucked on the corner. He does not discriminate between corners. And oh how he loves his blankey.

Here he is. A young republican, wearing the shirt that he cut holes into upon getting hold of "kid" scissors.

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Misty said...

i love the mangy look of comfort items. My daughter has a stuffed whale. It's the nastiest thing, and it's lost most of it's stuffing but she loves it.