Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Field Day

It is her first field day. It is her last in kindergarten. She couldn't sleep last night as her excitement overtook her sleepy dreams. She came down stairs twice. Once to go over the five things that we must do prior to going to school. Second to get a drink of water and to review the five things we must do prior to going to school. Her choice for lunch at field day is hot dogs. Grilled. Plain. We must fill her belly so she won't be hungry. "I need a big breakfast today," she says with a grin and a nod of her head, "there won't be any snack today".

Sadly, the weather isn't better. But she will be wearing a white shirt, with her hair up, name on her water bottle and sun screen applied. Despite the dismal weather I have a feeling she will have an absolutely wonderful first field day.

Have fun Oldest!

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