Monday, July 27, 2009

Heard around the play yard

Oldest, "I am going to make an iPod."
She sets about drawing an iPod and brings it to the living room.

She asks Middle if he would like and iPod. He responds, "No, I don't want an i pot."

She puts her PJs on and proceeds to "rock out" to her iPod.

Middle recants, "I want an i pot!"

Oldest asks if Baby wants one too. "Do you want a Transformer iPod?," she asks the two brothers. Middle wants to be Optimus Prime. Baby wants to be Pram. Oldest knows the translation, "Prowl," and off she goes to whip up i pots.


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rowehowz said...

Video tape all you can. Don't just do photos. Video of those moments are the BEST later on. I have one of Donna with her head phones on rocking out to "Oops I did it again."
Forget the birthday party video taping , the ones of them just playing are so much better.