Tuesday, September 8, 2009


With school starting and our children growing, it is time to get organized. I am not the queen of organization, I have been gifted with other talents, but organization is not one of them. KD built shelves in closets, put up closet bars, hung cubbies up and moved furniture around. We repainted the kids room and moved beds around (pictures to come). KD revamped the bunk beds, that were mine as a child, into the most delightful cottage looking twin beds.

We hosted a celebratory back to school dinner (pictures to come) to lay out the new rules for the kids on school mornings. They must get dressed upon arrival down stairs, prior to cocoa or watching any television. So far this has gone well. We have yet to have a full week of school, which means that today, many of them had "fevers" and "sniffles" and couldn't possibly go where they needed to go. After a thermometer was employed we moved right past that road block and on to the Mommy Bus we went.

First grade. Humphf. Her teacher is the kind of teacher that all mother's would like for their children. She sent a letter to Oldest over the summer, welcoming her to the class and explained all about the things she is going to do this year. We also received a letter. It brought tears to my eyes. This teacher is simply wonderful. She told us a little about herself as well as how she believes that children are much more than students, they are a whole person. How they need to learn academics as well as social skills and she is our partner. I was swooning.

Yesterday, I finally sorted through all the papers that have come home from Kindergarten and Pre-K for Middle. I put each of their drawings and papers into boxes with labels. It was wonderful to review the year and seeing how each of them have grown. It was also nice to have space back in our office. Phew! It was a mess (no pictures to come!).

After a day of back to back meetings where I never left my desk for more than a combined total of 10 minutes, I am happy to be on my way home, to see my darlings.

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