Monday, September 21, 2009

"Well, it is a busy road."

We have heard this a lot in the past few days since our kitty was hit.  We know it is a busy road.  We live here.  We have lived here for five years.  We never ever intended to have pets of any kind, we have three children to keep safe and work full time.  Pets did not fit into the equation.  And then he came into our lives melted our hearts and changed the way of thinking around here.  Maybe it is possible to live here and have a pet. 

Then he was hit by a car.  We were devestated, but we knew the risk and, after all, we didn't bring him home, he found us.  And he was already an outdoor cat, who lived on a busy street.  He moved into our barn from across the street. 

We had been primed to love felines, so we adopted these two.  They were aloof, as most cats are.  She a little less so than he.  They were older, litter mates, indoor and outdoor cats.  Perfect we thought.  They were not all that into the kids, although we were told different.  Then she got sick and we had to put her to sleep.  We were very sad.  But we still had Cassius and we love him, inspite of his dislike of the kids.

Then our friend, who knew of our cat saga, offered us another chance.  We did not make the decision lightly and it brought our littlest one into the mix.  I fed him with a bottle when he wouldn't eat.  Then I coaxed him to eat soft food and mixed soft with hard ending with hard.  He loved to play with us and the kids.  He was funny with bags and boxes.  We laughed a lot.  He tortured Cassius.  Really tortured.  We wondered if they would ever become friends.  It just didn't seem likely.  But just last week KD saw them standing shoulder to shoulder defending their land against an interloper.  Maybe they would have been friends, sadly we won't ever know.

We know that Cassius will be our only cat and that we will never add another cat to our home while living in this house. 

And yes, it is a busy road.

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Mommy Cracked said...

I wish I had a dollar for everytime I've heard that since we lost Bonnie. Of course it's a busy road just about everywhere, but if people weren't so busy and would slow down, some of this could be avoided. It just stinks all around.