Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Work from home

Yesterday O woke up with a horrible cough.  He had a slight fever, so after getting him ready, dressed, buckled into the car, we turned around and came home.  I was surprised that he didn't doze at all during the day.  He was yawning and rubbing all day long. 

He was in his glory as he had access to all the leapster games in the house.  No one to grab from him.  No one to scream about ownership.  He sat quietly beeping and declaring, "Mom, I won! Yeeeesssssss!" 

I had several conference calls yesterday and I only had to mute the ones in the afternoon.  He wanted me to do a puzzle with him.  But while waiting he found something else to do.  He played with a remote control bull dozer that has some music.  He had his groove on, over and over and over again. 

M was delighted when she saw not only J's car in the driveway but mine.  She ran into the house and said, "The whole family is home!"  She went on to eat snacks and chatter on about her day.  She told me that one of her friends said it isn't Christmas any more.  I explained to her that not everyone celebrates the 12 Days of Christmas and that we do.  She then asked me if we could go back to church.  Making it oh so much more easier for me to stick to my resolution to find a church and consistently bring them week after week.  She settled in and began working with her bendaroos.  She made these lovely crowns:

She said that the pink were crosses for Jesus.  She made one for me as well.  Then she wanted to make something for the boys, but lost her momentum.  I sent an email to the director of Christian Ed at the church we began attending  last year. 
I was raised an Episcopal and find comfort in the traditions and celebrations within the service.  Of course, this week is the family service which means no Sunday School.  Perhaps we will go anyway.

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